Publishing in the Cloud

For those interested in publishing any sort of content in the cloud, e.g. newsletters, essays, pamphlets, instructions, magazines, may consider:

Issuu - An e-publishing platform that enhances and customizes digital editions of your content that can be marketed and sold to target audiences. There are free and paid solutions.

Yudu - Both a digital publishing library and a marketplace where you can read, publish, buy, sell and share content. Anyone can publish in a range of formats to include reports, presentations, e-books, catalogs and more.

Blurb - The tools you need to make your own ebook, RL book or interactive journal.

Keeping up with Technology Innovations

The other day I was asked how I keep up with so much technology, my being a literature professor. Well, it's kind of a hobby but I'm also very curious about how I can integrate many of these tools into what I do with literature.

I follow several blogs/websites that highlight a number of tech gadgets and or tools, the key being to think of creative ways to use them. A few of the more interesting sites that I follow are:





Tech Crunch

As I run into other interesting sites, I'll post them the mean time, have fun!!

Extending your Memory

As scholars in the Humanities, we are known for our brainstorming, creativity, brain-dumping, talking out our ideas and our endless search for material related to our area of specialty. With the ever-increasing amount of information available on the Web, in the world and our endless conversations with colleagues and with ourselves, it is becoming even more crucial to use digital tools to help us remember and manage the vast amount of information we come across.

Tools below are ones I use:

Evernote - According to their site, we can Use Evernote to save your ideas, things you see, and things you like. Then find them all on any computer, phone or device you use. For free. This can be done from your computer as well as from your handheld device.

SpringPad - According to their site, with SpringPad, you will "Never forget again..." Springpad is a FREE application that lets you quickly and easily save the ideas and information you come across everyday.

International Travel Advice

Whenever I travel out of the country, I never leave without a MiFi from XComGlobal. The Cell Phone companies here in the states charge an arm and a leg for data when traveling internationally, whereas this company charges one flat rate for unlimited data over the 3G network in over 150 European countries. I strongly suggest checking out their rates so that you won't be suprised with an insane cell phone bill when you return from your trip abroad. Click the link below for more info.