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Cloakmy: Send Self Destructing Messages

Posted: 02 Dec 2012 06:01 PM PST

Email is great, but what if you need to send a secure message that only the intended recipient will be able to read? Email is a fairly insecure way of sending a message – it sits in both inboxes and send mail folders until the sender or receiver decide to delete it. Cloakmy is different in that it allows you to send messages to email addresses, with an added layer of security.

Whatever choice to send the message is not relayed within the email. Instead the recipient gets a link to the Cloakmy service where they can view the message (which can be password protected, too). The sender can choose auto self-destruct, which destroys the message after it has been read, timed-deletion and no deletion at all.


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Screen Capture

For making machinima, there are several tools out there to capture your screen and associated audio prior to editing that raw video. If you have administrative right to the computer you are using you might try one of the following:

Fraps (for PCs - the free version limits capture to 3 minutes)

Snagit (cross platform - $50 but well worth it)

Screenflow (for Mac - costly but one of the best out there)


Web Based Screen Capture

There are several Web-Based Screen Capture applications available. I am most pleased with:

Screenr (cross platform - limited to 4 minutes but you can record several 4-minute episodes. Export them as MP4 and then use a video editing tool to put them together into one extended video. This is a free tool)